Eoin Colfer is the author behind the popular Artemis Fowl books – and he has expressed an interest in writing Doctor Who for TV recently.

Speaking to the BBC, Colfer revealed he watched Doctor Who as a boy and that he was looking forward to seeing the Eleventh Doctor – played by Matt Smith – in 2010.

On the subject of how he would approach his own Doctor Who story, Colfer answered:

“I think I would go the funny way like Peter Kay did one. I think there’s room for a lot of humour in Doctor Who.

“I’d love to write for Doctor Who, so maybe someone will read this.”

Eoin Colfer has this week been in the news as the writer of a sixth installment to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series – And Another Thing… was released on Monday October 12th, and follows on from the end of Adams’ last H2G2 novel, Mostly Harmless. Reviews have been largely positive.

Colfer’s Artemis Fowl books – which have sold over 18 million copies – are currently stuck in movie development hell, so it could be some time before the young criminal mastermind is seen on the silver screen…