Doctor Who: The Dalek Collection

Following on from the Doctor Who: The Cybermen Collection comes The Dalek Collection; a compendium of most of the adventures the new series has produced containing the Doctor’s most popular foes.

But is there any point to such releases, I ask myself?

Surely fans will have these already either in vanilla editions or in the season box sets. I kept this thought in my mind as I watched this three-disc release.

The collection kicks off with Dalek, the first episode of the new series to really take the character of the Doctor to dark and serious levels. Set underground the Doctor and Rose encounter a billionaire who collects artefacts, his prized possession is a Dalek. Christopher Eccleston was never better than in this episode, he grabs the opportunity to lead this adventure to a conclusion that is unexpected, emotional and honest.

Things get surreal in Bad Wolf and The Parting Of The Ways, the two-part adventure that closed series 1 with a bang such huge that it was felt across the galaxy. The Doctor and Rose arrive on Game Station where humans are being fed false information. Discovering the Daleks are behind this the Doctor goes into battle but pays the ultimate price. Regeneration stories are usually sad entries into the series and this one is no different. Once more the main cast act their boots off and the Daleks, with a little help from the Dalek Emperor have never been more frightening or chilling. A fitting and heroic end to Eccleston’s groundbreaking tenure.

David Tennant encountered the Daleks in the series 2 stories Army Of Ghosts and Doomsday but this set jumps to the series 3 double bill of Daleks In Manhattan and Evolution Of The Daleks. Set in 1930’s New York the Doctor encounters Daleks who are prepping their most horrific plan ever! By the time this had arrived I was tired of the Daleks and wished they would rest for a while. The story is stretched, the plot is thin and the Dalek/human hybrid creature is poorly realised. Luckily better Dalek encounters were around the corner.

Stolen Earth and Journey’s End conclude the set and are a boisterous, gung-ho set of episodes that ended series 4 on a real high with action packed sequences and a plot that had us all on the edge of our seat. Oh and Davros popped up too! Earth has been transported to a new location along with other planets that are needed to realise an evil plan by Dalek creator, Davros. Filled with recurring characters such as Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack, along with the Torchwood team this is how Doctor Who should be; intelligent, strong and shed loads of fun.


David Tennant Introduction: Self-explanatory really! A short piece where Tennant gives his opinion on how much the Daleks have helped shape the new series. Worth watching but an extra you won’t be watching too often.

SJA Trailer: A rather snazzy trailer for The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2.

DVD Trailer: The techno trailer is here! Yes this is the rave edition of the theme mixed with choice moments from the DVD range.

To sum up – this is a fun collection and nice to be able to watch these in such a manner, just don’t bother with the Manhattan ones.


James has been a Doctor Who fan for as long as he can recall. A child of the 70s and 80s, he weathered all the storms and controversies the show encountered, though he didn’t buy the “Doctor In Distress” single.

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