Third Doctor Who Jon Pertwee was never reluctant to engage with his fans, and this can be proved by the number of appearances he made (including in one fan video) and interviews he gave.

One such interview with Pertwee – who played the Doctor from 1970-1974 – has recently been unearthed by its writer, and is now available on the SFX website!

Recorded in 1986, just over 10 years before Pertwee passed away, the interview took place backstage at a Cardiff theatre following an appearing by Jon Pertwee as Spottyman in Superted and the Comet of the Spooks.

It’s quite a long interview, although not as meandering as many fan efforts can be (I should know…) so I would encourage interested fans to hop over to SFX and take a look, perhaps with this snippet as a brief teaser…

Is it true that you once tried writing a script for Doctor Who yourself?

I did. I knew a very well known writer named Reed de Rouen – half Cherokee Red Indian, actually – and he and I wrote a complete Doctor Who, which we submitted, with great joy, because we knew it was extremely good. It was bloody good, a very exciting story. We gave it to Terrance Dicks, and he said ‘Very nice indeed, very exciting.’ I said, ‘Are you going to do it?’ And he said ‘No – it’s completely wrong in its construction.’

There’s much, much more on the SFX site, including Pertwee’s thoughts on his co-stars and on giving opinions on his successors…