New Logo Imminent!

Doctor Who has had many logo changes in the past and Tuesday sees the unveiling of a brand new look for the show!

We’ve had the old 1960s swapping from monochrome sans serif to monochrome serif type; the boldness of the Pertwee era logo; the famous diamond logo that accompanied Tom Baker; the neon brassiness of the early 1980s; the CGI/CBBC horror of the McCoy years and the long standing rebirth of the Pertwee logo with a shiny chrome look accompanying everything Doctor Who shaped between 1996-2005.

Of course, we also had the taxi lozenge.

There are lots of iffy things about the RTD era of Doctor Who, but these can on the whole be forgiven. In terms of the orange “eye” of the current Doctor Who logo however, that isn’t the case.

It is an absolute abhorrence – a disasterous design calamity.

Still, news on the BBC Official Doctor Who website reveals that we only have a few more months of the orange abhorence, so let’s be upbeat about all of this!

They’ve put together a few articles to herald the unveiling at 8am on Tuesday October 6th, such as a look at the design of the lozenge logo as well as a gallery of the full set of logos to date and describe the purpose of the logo as:

…an icon that is recognised from Cardiff to California, an emblem of excitement, humour, scary monsters, brave companions and the Doctor! And so the new logo must be stylish, fresh, distinctive and bold. Must be. And will be.

The end of an era creeps towards us – and the birth of a new one jumps up and down waving in the background!


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