Actress Carey Mulligan became the “greatest companion Doctor Who never had” in her single appearance as Sally Sparrow in the extremely popular Blink in 2007 – and her career has gone from strength to strength ever since, with a lead role in An Education alongside Alfred Molina gett8ing rave reviews.

She spoke to MaryAnn Johanson of the smashing FlickFilosopher recently, and Doctor Who fan MaryAnn snuck in a couple of Doctor Who related questions…

Carey Mulligan played Sally Sparrow in BlinkMAJ: If Stephen Moffat asked, would you go back and be Sally again?

CM: [laughs] I’d have to change my hair.  I loved doing it. It was about two weeks of just running around screaming at things. Yeah, if he asked me back, I’d go back.

MAJ: I think fans would really be happy to see you come back…

CM: Aw, that’s nice. It was great fun, completely different from anything I’d done before.

MAJ: It was tough because it was an episode without the Doctor, and you completely carried it. I think that was the thing that stunned fans the most.

CM: But then your friends aren’t too impressed. I tell them, “I’m doing Doctor Who!” and they gasp, “What’s David Tennant like?” And you go, “I dunno, he was nice for a day.”

So – there you have it. The actress who is currently dating Shia Labouef and starring with him and Michael Douglas in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps is happy to make a return to Doctor Who.

Not something you would want to miss.