Looking for an in-depth interview with Davi Tennant on the subject of Hamlet? Such an interview was published in Shakespeare, Volume 5, Issue 3 September 2009, on pages 292 – 304, and an online version can be found at informaworld.com.

If you’re going to read this however, set aside a good 10-20 minutes – it’s a fascinating look into David’s role in the production and a decent glimpse of how the RSC works.

However you might simply be looking for Doctor Who related material, such as David Tennant’s awareness that being the Doctor might attract a younger audience to the RSC…

Hamlet DVD CoverIt wasn’t a conscious thing for me. I think other people were more aware of that than I was, because lots of people have mentioned it. I don’t know how much that was in Greg’s head. He certainly didn’t share that with me if that was his thinking. I think that it was just part of a natural instinct that Greg and I share, and Patrick certainly shares, and most of the cast to an extent probably share, that if we are going to tell these stories again, let’s tell them as though they have never been told before.

It’s always going to be the case that there are people in the audience who haven’t seen the play before. It might have been more so with this production because there were Star Trek fans and Dr Who fans. I don’t know, but it certainly wasn’t why we did it. Any play should be exciting to watch, especially something like Hamlet that is a thriller, a ghost story. I think that it is quite easy to forget that when you are in Stratford doing Shakespeare’s works.

Naturally it’s too late to see Tennants performance live – Hamlet is on BBC TV over the festive period and released on DVD on January 4th, 2010 – however it is available now for preorder from Amazon for just £12.98!

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