Lego DalekThis is totally one of the best things ever – an autonomous Lego Dalek built at the recent Over the Air hackathon held at Imperial College proves that there are plenty of reasons for the BBC to negotiate a Doctor Who themed relationship with the toy brick manufacturer.

Built by Adam Cohen-Rose using Lego’s programmable Mindstorm kit, the Dalek made enough of an impression to be featured on BBC News.

“I only got the Mindstorm kit the day before Over the Air,” he laughed as he walked in with the box under his arm and no idea what to build… until he saw the Dalek in the centre of the room.

“The BBC Dalek only responded when you pressed a button,” he noticed, “but with the Lego kit I could build one that controlled its own destiny.”

And the fate of the Dalek? “It’s been taken apart to start teaching my seven-year-old son about robotics.”

While it evidently needs some work to match the traditional external appearance of a Dalek, Mr Cohen-Rose has at best highlighted a much sought after toy sector, and at worst demonstrated just what can be done with some Lego and a bit of imagination!