It was great to hear the news that eminent sci fi and fantasy author Michael Moorcock would be writing a Doctor Who novel for BBC Books last week – until it transpired that a number of “fans” were less than complimentary.

Let’s get this straight – this is Michael Moorcock we’re talking about. This is the man who wrote Behold the Man, which tells the story of Karl Glogauer, a time-traveller who takes on the role of Christ. With more than 100 novels to his name, you could be forgiven for thinking that Doctor Who fans would be happy with the news.

Michael Moorcock - let's hope it's still on!Announced liked this on Moorcock’s website:

“Looks like it’s official. I’ll be doing a new Doctor Who novel (not a tie-in) for appearance, I understand, by next Christmas.”

Moorcock said: “Still have to have talks etc with producers and publishers, but we should be signing shortly. Should be fun.”

A BBC Worldwide spokesman later said that details were yet to be signed.

Yet apparently some vocal fans have been making a fuss about this, prompting one of the world’s most renowned authors to feel he has to actually defend himself!

“I’ve been watching Dr Who since it began,” wrote Moorcock in response. “Haven’t liked all the doctors and after Peter Davison stopped watching regularly until the new BBC Wales series.”

You can barely blame Moorcock for having a go at the vocal minority who were in his view holding…

“…a suspicion of the outsider which you used to get when someone with a reputation as a non-[science-fiction] writer would decide to write an sf novel.

“I hate these presumptions of exclusivity either in my own corner of the literary world or elsewhere.”

Good on Mr Moorcock for putting these “fans” in their place. This is jaw-droppingly good news and to find that it has been tainted by a select few is an undesirable taint on Doctor Who itself.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t put Moorcock off.

There’s more about Moorcock at his website, – naysayers, be ashamed, very ashamed!