List of things to do when working with David Tennant – number 1, ask him about Doctor Who…

Now it comes as no surprise that someone should be asking one of the most famous men in the country about one of the most famous shows on television given that he stars in it… especially when you get lucky enough to bump into him in the street.

But when you’re working with him – well, that’s another story… Tennant’s Glorious 39 co-star Romola Gara has admitted that she started interviewing the outgoing Time Lord about his fame and Doctor Who.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the evidently ditzy blond revealed:

Romola Garai co-stars with David Tennant in Glorious 39“I unfortunately only had one scene with David but he was lovely. I was very excited to meet him. I spent as much time off set going, ‘And what was it like doing Doctor Who?!’ I tried not to interview him.”

Discussing Tennant’s stardom, Garai said: “It’s not something I could do. I see people who do it well and just really admire them. Someone like David Tennant is able to embrace people’s love for Doctor Who in a totally positive way. I have huge admiration for people who are able to do that.”

Personally, I admire people who don’t wet themselves when they meet someone off the telly. Especially when they’re off the telly themselves.

Still, she’s pretty enough…