Sunday saw Doctor Who guest star Bernard Cribbins receive the outstanding creative contribution honour at the Bafta Children’s Awards in London – presented to him by Donna Noble actress Catherine Tate.

Of course he was asked about Doctor Who afterwards, and kept quiet, but the event gave him another opportunity to bemoan the state of children’s television in the UK in general (an opinion shared by Russell T Davies) and Jackanory in particular.

“I do wish that it could be brought back in the form that it used to be, with someone sitting one-to-one with a camera. It’s like you are talking to your children at bedtime, they look at you and they don’t see anything else — they don’t see flashing lights and CGI and all the rest of it.”

He’s got a point, of course – but will the BBC do anything about it? Or is there now an expectation from children that their TV shows will be bright and colourful and swish and CGI’d?