David Tennant’s Doctor Who body double has found himself out of a job since the Tenth Doctor decided to move on – luckily Colum Regan is also a successful singer/songwriter!

Colum got the job in 2007 when filming was taking place on the Christmas special Voyage of the Damned, and David Tennant was called away to visit his mother, who later died.

WalesOnline have reported that Regan is now working with Charlotte Church on her new album, but they’ve also managed to speak to him for a short time about filming on the 2009 Doctor Who specials.

“There were scenes with David where he had to be several places at once,” he said.

“They’d be filming me on wasteland in Cardiff Bay, running from an explosion and being chased by an Army jeep, and David would be at the recording studios in Treforest.

“I’d get breaks though because David is always so up for doing lots of stuff himself. He works really hard, and he’s a top bloke too – he’d take his place in the lunch queue and chat, he was really hands-on.”

Meanwhile, David Tennant’s recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show can be seen in Australia this Thursday, 26th November at 9:30pm on ABC2.

(With thanks to Bridget)