Is it time for the USA to finally wake up to Doctor Who? That’s certainly the sentiment of Scott Brown, writing in recently.

Despite a core group of very passionate fans, Doctor Who has failed to make any real impact in the USA as a whole (despite David Tennant appearing on one popular TV listings magazine earlier this year). It’s almost as if circumstances have been stacked against our favourite show ever making it – the TV Movie was scheduled against an inexplicably popular sitcom while the 2005 and 2006 runs aired on the Sci Fi Channel at 9pm on a Friday!

There’s a lot more to Scott Brown’s article, but the conclusion is the main gist of it:

But I’d highly recommend a field trip to Whoville. And I’m not the only one. Thanks to BBC America and Who spinoffs like Torchwood, the Doctor’s growing popularity here in the States may signal a dawning recognition that size and might and flash aren’t everything — that there are less bombastic futures to contemplate, that sci-fi can be elegiac without the boom and bust of dystopia.

Perhaps we can appreciate a complicated hero and some tricked-out trash cans instead of relying on gi-normous, eye-stabbing “set pieces.”