Christmas TV listings released in various newspapers this week (notably The Sun) virtually confirm that the Doctor Who specials – both parts of The End of Time – will air on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Showing the final installment of The End of Time – and David Tennant’s time as the Doctor – on New Year’s Day has long since been rumoured, but only has it now been released as a fact.

Both episodes will be aired at 7pm on their respective dates of broadcast – Christmas and New Year listings are released early to assist advertisers, emergency services and viewers in forward planning over the seasonal period.

While some elements of the scheduling are subject to change (according to the publication, The End of Time, Part Two has an hour long slot; we know via Doctor Who Magazine that this episode is around 75 minutes long) it is pretty much now set in stone that these episodes will air on December 25th and january 1st respectively!

Update – Saturday 28th November

Digital Spy have reported that the BBC have confirmed scheduling of the two episodes as follows:

Provisional schedules for the Christmas period will see ‘The End Of Time, Part One’ air from 7.30pm to 8.30pm on BBC One on Christmas Day, sandwiched between episodes of EastEnders.

‘The End Of Time, Part Two’, in which Tennant’s Doctor will regenerate into a new incarnation played by Matt Smith, will air on New Year’s Day. The hour-long episode will go out at 7.30pm.

However as with our earlier information above, this timing doesn’t agree with fact that the second installment has been described as 75 minutes long on several occasions…