The End of Time is coming....Update – information in this article has been superceded. Click here for more.

Final timeslots and schedules have been released by the BBC for the Doctor Who Chirstmas and New Year special, The End of Time.

As reported on Den of Geek, The End of Time, Part One will be shown on Christmas Day (25th December for anyone not certain when this is) at 7.30pm, whilst The End of Time, Part Two will air one week later at 7.30pm, on 1st January 2010. The Christmas installment is around one hour long, while the second part is expected to be just under 75 minutes in length – epic stuff!

Den of Geek also featured two new images from the first episode, with the Doctor dressed for summer on the icy Ood planet as seen in the Children in Need preview in November.

Interestingly Timothy Dalton is apparently credited as “The Narrator” – a name first given to him around the time of the San Diego Comic Con – but there’s not reason to suggest such a big name would be restricted to such an innocent sounding role…