The Evening Standard has reported recently on John Simm’s involvement as the Master in the final David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who – episodes Simm described as “great fun”.

“The Master is absolutely insane. Although it is very sad that David is leaving, it was great fun to film.”

Simm – who played the regenerated Master in the 2007 episodes The Sound of Drums and The Last of the Time Lords (and briefly Utopia) – is currently appearing in the play Speaking In Tongues at the Duke Of Yorks Theatre alongside Torchwood: Children of Earth‘s Lucy Cohu (herself currently starring as a murdered prostitute in the intense ITV1 drama Murderland with Robbie Coltrane).

Of course very little is known about the departure of the Tenth Doctor and the Master’s involvement or otherwise… however there are parallels with the departure of Tom Baker in 1981.

David Tennant has been a hugely popular Doctor with a very memorable interpretation of the role; while he hasn’t starred in Doctor Who as long as Tom Baker, his departure will be just as memorable and has been foreshadowed considerably by a relatively early announcement. Throw in the presence of the Master and it all looks like the last days of the Tenth Doctor will be extremely traumatic for both the Doctor and his younger fans…

Via (@DavidTennantcom)