Desperate for a vaguely Doctor Who related fix? Happy to waste time in front of a pointless digital channel watching a pointless spin-off that makes the concept of Rose Tyler: Earth Defender sound like Hamlet?

If so, why not get yourself in front of the box and tune into Disney XD, a channel which over the weekend couldn’t make up its mind which episode of the pointless, irrelevant (and as we’ve seen totally vapid) K-9 spin-off. The premiere of the pilot episode Regeneration was broadcast at 6pm on the subscription channel, and thankfully has gone largely unnoticed.

Sure, the producers might have managed to get John Leeson to voice the tin dog, but then the 2000 version of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) had Tom Baker and that didn’t make it must-see TV.

A co-production between Jetix Europe and Park Entertainment, you couldn’t even declare that the original creators of K-9 would be turning in their graves – Bob Baker himself has been involved, writing episodes of the series.

Of course, all of this is merely opinion – make your own mind up:

Find out more about K-9 at who have remarkably sullied their otherwise impressive website with a K-9 page!