The great Bernard Cribbins seems to have been in the press all week, and his presence as a Doctor Who co-star at Christmas looks set to extend his presence even further.

Today it was The Times turn to feature Cribbins who was interviewed by his friend Ken Russell. While he’s still refusing to give anything about The End of Time away and discussing “Right Said Fred” and The Wombles there’s still plenty of interest, not least in his thoughts on his BAFTA award on Sunday and his appearances in Doctor Who.

“You’re making a hoo-ha in the press yourself now,” I say.

“I’m very excited about the Bafta special award — it’s come out of the blue, a marvellous golden mask statue. The wonderful Catherine Tate, who plays my granddaughter in the final Doctor Who episodes, will be presenting it. I must say David Tennant is the superior Doctor Who. But he’s done it four years and it’s the end of his reign; time to turn over the Time Lord keys to the next one.”

A great interview, not least for observations that Cribbins is too young to play Catherine Tate’s granddad and a quick overview of how he characterised each of the Wombles…