Bernard Cribbins and David Tennant in The End of Time

Two legends of Doctor Who – Bernard Cribbins and David Tennant – are snapped above in a scene from The End of Time. But what is that the Doctor is holding?

On first glance it might appear to be a really large packet of Marlboro – but this would of course be most uncharacteristic for the Doctor!

According to Den of Geek, the book the Doctor wields is called “Fighting the Future”, by Joshua Naismith. Joshua Naismith meanwhile is a character in The End Of Time, played by David Harewood (Tuck in Robin Hood) eagle eyed fans will spot in the trailer.

Meanwhile another book by this Naismith character appears on an ad on the side of the bus in Planet Of The Dead… The plot thickens – especially when we consider earlier photos taken by fans while certain scenes in a bookshop between David Tennant and Jessica Hynes (Human Nature) were being recorded…