Death of a Doctor – The upcoming edition of the Radio Times – for the week 5-11 December – features an exclusive preview of the Doctor Who Christmas special The End of Time, Part One while Russell T Davies reveals how David Tennant’s Doctor will be going out with a bang.

Also in this issue, outgoing Executive Producer Russell T Davies reveals details about the Master’s return…

John Simm is back, as the Master, fellow Time Lord and the Doctor’s arch nemesis for nearly four decades. But Russell T Davies wasn’t daunted by the inconvenience of having killed off the Master in 2007 – this is sci-fi, after all:

“It’s personal for the Doctor. The Master is his enemy, his opposite, and yet so tantalisingly close to being his soul mate. There’s something epic about their sheer existence – the last two survivors of an ancient race. It’s a clash of the titans. Both of them heading for death, and yet both determined to survive – at any cost!”

Click the cover image for a hi-res version – it looks great!