Doctor Who Specials box set2 entertain have confirmed that the Doctor Who specials will be released on Monday, 11th January 2010.

Some fans might be surprised at the trio of releases that should complete the 2005-2009 collections of Doctor Who fans across the United Kingdom.

• Doctor Who The Complete Specials – a box set including The Next Doctor, Planet of The Dead, Waters of Mars and the last two winter specials.
• Doctor Who The Complete Specials Blu-ray – a Blu-ray version of the above.
• Doctor Who Waters of Mars and Winter Specials – a much-needed box set for anyone who has already purchased the DVD releases of The Next Doctor and Planet of The Dead.

(Accompanying artwork is provisional – expect a different cover when this hits the shops.)

Released on Monday 11th January 2010, you can pre-order these historic releases from Amazon now!