Faction Paradox - The Judgment of SutekhMagic Bullet Productions are pleased to announce the release of The Judgment of Sutekh, the sixth and final instalment in our The True History of Faction Paradox CD audio adventures.

The series features characters and concepts originally created for the BBC’s Doctor Who novels. Written by Faction Paradox creator Lawrence Miles, and starring Gabriel Woolf reprising his Pyramids of Mars role as Sutekh, along with Edward de Souza (of Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel and Coronation Street fame), the CD is directed by Alan Stevens, co-creator of the Kaldor City CD audio series, with sound design, effects and music by Alistair Lock. Earlier series guest stars include Isla Blair, Chris Tranchell, Peter Miles, Peter Halliday and Julian Glover.

(Click the cover art image on the right for a hi-res version.)

The Judgment of Sutekh concludes the story begun in Coming to Dust and continued in four subsequent full-length audio adventures. As two explorers trapped on Mars find themselves pawns in a deadly power game between Faction Paradox and their old adversary Lolita, War Queen of the Great Houses, the final battle between Sutekh and Horus threatens to tear the fabric of space and time to shreds.

More information, along with news, reviews, sneak previews, and details of our other productions, is available at www.kaldorcity.com. While supplies last, every The Judgment of Sutekh CD purchased from this website will be signed by Gabriel Woolf.

(Thanks to Alan Stevens)