The Radio Times has again come to the rescue of Doctor Who fans wanting an online gallery of images from the upcoming special The Waters of Mars – for the third time in as many specials!

Why the BBC’s Official Doctor Who website can’t bring themselves to give us any preview images (and why they’re reporting Merlin news) we don’t really know or understand, so thank goodness for the Radio Times.

Around 50 images can be viewed on the RT website, combining live action shots with publicity shots and featuring David Tennant as the Doctor, Lindsay Duncan as Adelaide, Peter O’Brien as Ed as well as Alan Ruscoe, Gemma Chan, Chook Sibtain, Aleksander Mikic, Cosima Shaw, Michael Goldsmith and Sharon Duncan Brewster – not to mention Gadget!

Sadly however, as yet there are no shots of the Mars surface – nothing more than a quarry with red filters appleid but doesn’t it look rather marvellous on the trailers?