The Vworp Vworp Doctor Who fanzine is nearly here – and it looks pretty good! We’ve got a preview (subject to change) of the contents of the DWM and comic strips tribute to whet your appetite…

Set for launch in December, Vworp Vworp contains interviews, features, comic strips and more as a 70 page love letter to all things Doctor Who Magazine shaped.

dez skinn interview

Vworp Vworp! discusses the birth of Doctor Who Weekly with its original creator

countdown to kentish town

Jeremy Bentham offers his perspective on the Weekly’s early days

who cares!

A wide range of writers celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the launch of Doctor Who Weekly

The Time Leech appears in Vworp Vworp“time leech”

Something green and slimy’s interfering with reality…

Comic strip written by Kasterborous’ own Christian Cawley, art by Justin Abbot

collectors’ corner

David J Howe blows the dust off a DWM regular feature for one final outing

the iron legion

Dave Gibbons and Pat Mills on DWW’s first classic, with contributions from Dez Skinn, David Lloyd and Leon Hewitt

the star beast

Dave Gibbons, Pat Mills, Steve Lyons and Gareth Kavanagh, on the trail of furry supervillain Meep the Beep

a child called “peggy”

Nicholas Pegg relives a painful childhood experience

the cybermen

Interviews with writer Alan Barnes, artist Adrian Salmon and editor Gary Russell, plus an appreciation from Matt Badham

“clash of empires”

Silurians vs Ice Warriors! Comic strip action, inspired by The Cybermen, written and drawn by Daryl Joyce

“the master’s life on mars”

It’s the freakiest show… Comic strip written by Gareth Kavanagh and John Daiker, art by John Daiker

thirty years of happiness

Andrew Pixley on the important place Doctor Who Magazine holds in his life

designing the flood

Scott Gray, Martin Geraghty, Adrian Salmon and Clayton Hickman on reimagining the Cybermen for DWM’s strip

time toons

Exclusive interviews with nine of Doctor Who Magazine’s cartoon creators

Vworp Vworp will have a limited run of 1000 copies, with 100 variant covers – brilliant pastiches of the original Who covers, overseen by Dez Skinn – and will be available to buy online via the fanzines dedicated website.

We’ll have more closer to the release date, but in the meantime read through that list again – its a treasure trove of DWM love!

(With thanks to Gareth Kavanagh)