David Tennant on the cover of Waters of Mars Radio Times The new Radio Times – covering November 14th to the 20th – features a superb Doctor Who cover with David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor peering out of the yellow helmet of his space suit.

As you can see it’s a great image – click the cover for a full size version.

Inside, Russell T Davies and David Tennant both speak – there’s nothing given away of course except for the message that The Waters of Mars is scary.

Writer Russell T Davies said: “I suppose the scary ones linger, because fear is such a vivid emotion, and very little stuff on TV is actually frightening. Good old-fashioned fear is Doctor Who’s domain. It’s what the viewers come for, especially kids.

“The Waters of Mars is certainly one of the scariest episodes” he told Radio Times.

In case you’ve somehow avoided coverage of the second of these four Doctor Who specials for 2009, The Waters of Mars sees the Tenth Doctor encountering the first human colony on Mars, and eventually embarking on a battle to save them from a parasitic alien water virus. There is of course far more to it than that – a hint of which comes from David Tennant:

“It’s the intensity – it’s trapped, claustrophobic, desperate – which really ups the stakes. Towards the end, the monsters aren’t the scary things: it’s the humans and the Doctor who really give me a chill.”

The Waters of Mars airs on Sunday, 15th November at 7pm on BBC One – don’t miss it!