As announced by David Tennant on Friday’s GMTV appearance, BBC America will be airing The Waters of Mars on December 19th – a chance for some Doctor Who before Christmas on the US anglophile TV network!

Broadcast further afield is as yet to be confirmed, however it seems that not even a month after the UK is enough for some US-based fans.

There’s an interesting discussion over at FlickFilosopher about this very topic and the ramifications of filesharing “illegal” downloads of TV content via the torrent peer to peer network.

While in no way advocates or condones sharing of copyrighted material cross any medium, it seems odd that The Waters of Mars should be airing on BBC America almost a full month after its UK broadcast. A months delay for scheduling on SyFy would make sense, but four whole weeks for Stateside viewers to wait to catch the show when it is broadcast on a network specifically setup to broadcast British TV?

Bonkers Broadcasting Craziness!

(Addendum: date revised. Thanks to Bruce Morton)