The BBC have aired a new preview for The Waters of Mars this evening – the next Doctor Who special was trailed with sombre music and a the tagline: “The beginning of the end.”

Currently available for viewing on the BBC Official Doctor Who site, this latest trailers sees shots of the Mars surface, the Tenth Doctor in his famous orange spacesuit from The Satan Pit and some spectacular explosions.

Alternatively you can view it here (via Blogtor Who):

There’s also the matter of the Doctor’s words, spoken to Captain Adelaide – the words that end with those quouted above in the title of this very news item.

Will the Doctor leave Adelaide (Lindsay Duncan) to die on Mars? Or are his words the last utterances of a man who is about to discover that things aren’t quite the way he thought they were…?

We’ll find out on Sunday, 15th November at 7pm on BBC One!