5 Minute Cribbins

Top man Bernard Cribbins has appeared in a 5 minute interview in the Chester Chronicle and other papers, as part of promotion for The End of Time on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Cribbins is asked all the usual questions and regales the interviewer with tales about meeting Barry Letts while the Doctor Who production team were searching for a replacement for Jon Pertwee in 1973 and Australian Daleks in the Dalek Invasion Earth: 2150 AD movie.

I personally like this answer, to a question about Cribbins’ short pop career which included the songs Right Said Fred and Hole in the Ground.

Hole In The Ground, here’s a little story for you. Noel Coward chose it as one of his Desert Island Discs. I’ve got a piece of tape at home with him on it with Roy Plomley, and he chose it as the only record if he could only have one. Plomley said, ‘Why would you choose that?’. He said, ‘Well, I could translate it into French as I walked up and down the beach,’ which I thought was a great accolade. I never met him. I would have loved to have said hello to him and said: ‘It’s me, it’s me!’

Bernard was also asked about his upcoming 81st birthday…

I’ll just take it easy. See what happens, which is what I usually do.

You and me both, Bernard…


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