As Doctor Who continues to become more and more synonymous with Christmas in a way that can only be compared with some of the comedy greats such as Morecambe and Wise and Only Fools and Horses, various outlets have been featuring it in lists.

Only today the Sunday Mercury published 7 Things You Didn’t Know about David Tennant, although I’ll wager that most of you did know at least the majority of items on that list, if not all.

Doctor Who featured in the Guardian’s Review of the Decade: Television article (as we’re coming to the end now, you know. Or is it next year…?) as an example of “old ideas made bigger”:

Doctor Who, sniggered off the screen in a previous era, returned to become a multi-platform dramatic powerhouse, taking advantage of revolutions in graphic design to create much more credible planets and scary monsters; its writers, led by Russell T Davies, brought a sophisticated, witty reading of science-fiction to their own childhood devotion to the Doctor.

With Doctor Who popping up in the comments of Teletext’s remaining 12 users as one of the highlights of the last few years, Torchwood also gets a look in thanks to some praise in the Baltimore City Paper’s Year in Television review which reminds us:

Why the aliens want the kids is deliciously ghastly. Even better: television dramas that weaponize children en masse.

Finally, Digital Spy offer their Christmas Crackers of 2009, with The End of Time at the top of the list (although you have to wade past Gavin and Stacey to get to the Catherine Tate: Nan’s Christmas Carol – there’s a reason the godawful Welsh “comedy” wasn’t nominated in the National Comedy Awards you know…) while The Independent offers a similar Twelve TV treats of Christmas which also includes Hamlet (Boxing Day, 5.05pm BBC2) as well as the must-see but David Tennant-free The Day of the Triffids (28 & 29 December, 9pm BBC1).

Update December 14th

Do you want more lists? Howabout Donna Noble named among’s Best New Characters of the Decade? Or a Doctor Who nerd-fest of bad character comebacks (Sabalom Glitz, Pex) dressed as a “must have” on Digital Spy?

We pray trust once Santa’s been, the lists are gonna dry up.