The Christmas 2009 Radio Times

You might not see anything Time Lord related on the cover of the 2009 Christmas Radio Times (despite featuring David Tennant’s last interview as the Doctor!), but if you buy one of the two versions in circulation, you’ll certainly see a Dalek!

Sales of the Christmas listings guide – the most comprehensive in print in the UK – are a guaranteed earner for BBC Worldwide. Kathy Day is the Radio Times’s publishing director – according to her, despite the slump (signalled in the print and TV advertising markets almost two years ago) the Christmas Radio Times issue remains a “publishing juggernaut”.

“My job is to fret about these things [the downturn] so I do, but every year it sells really well,” she said. “It is a tough year for everyone in the ad market but the Christmas issue kind of stands above it all.”

As you can see, the Radio Times has again opted to avoid focussing on a single show – but rather than a photomontage cover they’ve opted for a Strictly Come Dancing-themed cover to provide an alternative to the friendlier Doctor Who-themed illustration – incidentally, click the image above for a hi-res version of the Dalek cover!

Costing £2.20, the Christmas and New Year Radio Times is on sale now!