Rumoured to be playing the part of “the Doctor’s mother” when her casting in the Doctor Who Christmas The End of Time was first revealed earlier this year, little has since been revealed about actress Claire Bloom’s role in the David Tennant finale.

The reclusive actress has however been interviewed by The Times this week, where her role is described as “a mysterious character”and it seems she had to be briefed by a Doctor Who PR representative while journalist Damian Whitworth waited upstairs.

Of the rumours, Bloom reveals little:

“Possibly his mother, possibly not.

“Someone who appears and basically gives him the bad news. A seer, a prophetess. Also she is somehow there as a protectress. But that’s more in what I tried to do than in the script. The scripts are very, very complicated.”

Anyone who has never heard of Bloom (she was shot to superstardom by Charlie Chaplin in the 1950s) should read the rest of the interview, as should anyone who wants to find out more about one of stage and screens most interesting characters.