He’s the Doctor for another ten days – and then that’s the end! Doctor Who star David Tennant has been talking a lot lately as press coverage of The End of Time intensifies, and spoke to WalesOnline about how he has handled fame.

With references to his various rumoured girlfriends during his time in Doctor Who, the article also highlights that none of the production team expected the series to continue being as big and successful as it has been, noting that each passing season seems to generate more and more press attention.

Tennant reveals that although he was expecting attention from the press, it’s impossible to prepare for.

“You know you’re going to have to cope with it on some level,” said the 38-year-old, who quickly found himself the new target of tabloid attention. “But I defy anyone to really know what it feels like.

“Before, when I saw people who were famous, others would whisper and point and it would feel as though a very powerful individual had walked by.

“But actually, once you are that person, it just feels scary. All the time.”

Imagine being in the newspapers almost daily… talked about across the web… that’s what he’s talking about.

Very scary.