The Doctor Who-lite 2009 has seen ITV strengthen its position as the broadcaster able to pull in the really big audiences as the final of Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year was seen by 18.3 million viewers, it was reported this week.

According to various press sources, this leaves Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who as the only BBC programmes likely to beat the reality talent conteest – and bookies are only rating Doctor Who in second place (at 7/4) to be the top rated show this Christmas Day, behind EastEnders.

Sky Bet spokesperson Helen Jacob says:

“EastEnders looks hard to beat this year but perennial favourite Doctor Who could just sneak it.”

…yet this still doesn’t mean Doctor Who is suddenly going increase its audience by 10 million.

Which brings us to the crux of the point here. Doctor Who is undeniably a huge success under Russell T Davies and will more than likely continue to be so under Steven Moffat – but with reality dance, singing and ice skating shows all pulling greater audiences, isn’t it time for a bit of clarity as we approach the regeneration of both Doctor and series?

Doctor Who might well be a phenomenon and a hit, but it isn’t simply doesn’t pull in almost 20 million viewers.