Don't Blink!2010 will see a return of one of the most popular villains of recent years – the Weeping Angels from the 2007 Hugo award-winning Doctor Who adventure Blink by Steven Moffat!

This news was revealed to listeners of BBC Radio 3’s Night Waves yesterday, as the weekly show focussed on monsters and the men who use them to scare us. Steven Moffat was one of those men, in a show that also featured Aliens and Terminator director James Cameron.

Speaking about Season 31 of Doctor Who – set for a TV near you early Spring 2010 – Moffat revealed:

“Don’t assume that we’ve faced the biggest threat yet. I believe we do have a bigger one, which is great!”

Whatever happens in The End of Time I think it’s fair to say that Doctor Who will be back with a bang next year!

Listen again to the broadcast on BBC iPlayer.