Right kids – this is it. You’re gonna get trailers over the next few weeks of the Christmas Doctor Who adventure The End of Time. They’ll be on TV; in between programmes, on programmes, possibly on the radio.

David Tennant in The End of Time - you don't want to see more than this yet, do you?You’ll get TV listings guides with descriptions and cast lists, photos featuring members of the cast.

(Note that despite the titles of various cast members, there’s no way of discerning what role they play, however ambiguous the name. Think “Roy Tromelly” cast as the Emperor Dalek in Remembrance of the Daleks – an anagram of Terry Molloy, the 1980s Davros actor.)

However what we’ve seen this week is a release of information usually discussed and speculated on in the privacy of the forums. GallifreyBase is the spiritual successor of Outpost Gallifrey, and like its predecessor has become a target for journalists and web fiends to drain “information” (mostly rumour and supposition) and pass it off as “news”.

The latest culprit is the usually reliable io9.com – they’ve cut and paste wholesale from a particular thread on GallifreyBase and mixed it up with some Russell T Davies quotes from the new Doctor Who Magazine.

While the source and credibility of the original poster (and hence the rumour) are questionable, it’s time to ask the question – do you want to be spoilt?

Do you want Doctor Who End of Time spoilers?

Or do you want to wait until Christmas Day and New Year’s Day for the magic?

The choice is yours.