Although the following is available in the Christmas Radio Times, you should nevertheless steer clear of reading this cast list for the Doctor Who Christmas and New Year specials The End of Time if you’re in any way spoiler-phobic.

It’s a big list that misses little and gives vague names to some notable characters. Timothy Dalton and Claire Bloom in particular are respectively labelled The Narrator and The Woman – at least one of these is expected to be a Time Lord title.

David Tennant – The Doctor
John Simm – The Master
Bernard Gribbins – Wilfred Mott
Timothy Dalton – The Narrator
Catherine Tate – Donna Noble
Jacqueline King – Sylvia Noble
June Whitfield – Minnie Hooper
Claire Bloom – The Woman
David Harewood – Joshua Naismith
Tracy Ifeachor – Abigail Naismith
Lawry Lewin – Rossiter
Sinead Keenan – Addams
Alexandra Moen – Lucy Saxon
Karlo Collins – Shaun Temple
Teresa Banham – Governor
Barry Howard – Oliver Barnes
Allister Bain – Winston Katusi
Sylvia Seymour – Miss Trefusis
Pete Lee-Wilson – Tommo
Dwayne Scantlebury – Ginger
Joe Dixon – The Second
Julie Legrand – The Partisan
Brid Brennan – The Visionary
Krystal Archer – Neys
Lachele Carl – Trinity Wells
Paul Kasey – Ood Sigma
Ruari Mears – Elder Ood
Silas Carson – voice of Ood Sigma
Brian Cox – voice of Elder Ood
Nicholas Briggs – voice of Judoon

Even more casting information is available on the Wikipedia page for this episode. Incidentally, it’s amusing how major Hollywood actor Brian Cox is listed second from bottom!

The End of Time, Part One airs on British television on Christmas Day, Friday, 25th December at 6.00pm, while The End Of Time, Part Two follows one week later on New Year’s Day, Friday, 1st January at 6.40-7.55pm on BBC One