Yesterday evening saw the invitation only preview screening of The End of Time, Part One – marking the following seven days as unsafe for anyone wishing to avoid Doctor Who spoilers.

In attendance was Russell T Davies who revealed that he is very proud of the work done on the final episodes of his time in charge, as well as poking some fun at Steven Moffat.

He also hinted:

“We’ve got one or two surprises in store before the episode on New Year’s Day – and it might not be quite what you expect.”

Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat David Tennant revealed how he would be watching his final episodes…

“Well I will still be in it, so I will be sitting round with three or four hundred of my closest friends forcing them to watch me on television. That’s what happens on Christmas Day.”

Meanwhile John Simm and Catherine Tate were also on hand, with Simm declaring it a “real honour” to be asked back for the closing episodes of the Tenth Doctor as well as noting:

“I don’t think it’s that scary – I don’t think we’re allowed to scare children on Christmas Day. But I’m not an eight-year-old kid!”

Catherine Tate meanwhile revealed an interest in attending a Doctor Who convention…

“I hear they’re very exciting and so I would love to go to one. I guess it’s exciting… and a little bit scary. Let’s face it, I’m going to be the person in the room that knows the least.”

Take a lightsabre love, it always works…

(Incidentally this item on the BBC website also features a clip of David Tennant talking about his last days in the TARDIS and a photo of John Simm as the Master in an interesting pose…)