If you tried MSN or Blinkbox looking for some classic Doctor Who and have managed to watch all of the episodes on those two online channels, SeeSaw have come along at just the right time

Built from the assets of a failed joint venture between BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4 (Project Kangaroo), SeeSaw has acquired classic Doctor Who episodes under a deal with the BBC.

“Confirming great content from BBC Worldwide is just the beginning,” added its platform controller, John Keeling. “With unrivalled depth in comedy, drama, factual and lifestyle programming, SeeSaw will change the way Britain chooses to watch great television. Watch this space.”

With the following episodes:

  • Tomb of the Cybermen (1967)
  • The Krotons (1968)
  • The Sensorites (1964)
  • The Web Planet (1965)

…available on Blinkbox and MSN and Caves of Androzani and Carnival of Monsters available on YouTube, the opportunities to watch classic Doctor Who online are increasing at a seemingly monthly rate.

Go to www.seesaw.com for more information.