Glorious 39 sees Doctor Who star David Tennant appear alongside stars such as Bill Nighy and Julie Christie in a World War II drama that is considerabl different from any that has gone before.

Morden Hall Park in Merton, Wimbledon was the location for much of the shooting on the film, the first time the location has been used – the historic Snuff Mill and surrounding buildings were transformed with the magic of cinema to resemble 1930s Britain.

Zoë Colbeck, manager of the National Trust park, said: “The detail the props department went into was amazing. I felt very sorry for the actors as the film was set in the summer and they were filming in November so hot water bottles were required to thaw out the actors between takes.

“Morden Hall Park has never been the location of a film before and it was very interesting to see the second-hand book shop transformed into a veterinary surgery and the Snuff Mill into a waiting room.

Glorious 39 was released on November 20th to mixed reviews…