As merchandise goes, it’s cynical, obvious and at the bottom of the quality chain – for some reason, the Royal Mint is producing a Doctor Who coin in order to commemorate David Tennant’s time on the show.

Available in gold and silver, Daleks, K-9 and the TARDIS appear on these commemorativecoins – dubbed “medals”.

Dave Knight, commemorative coin director, said: ”Just as the Doctor is timeless, so too is the enduring appeal of the TV series which continues to entertain audiences across the world.

”We hope fans everywhere will find these medals a fitting tribute not just to David Tennant, but to the whole Doctor Who story.”

If this isn’t hitting your cynical sense by now, it certainly should be. There is one step between especially minted coins/medals and the garish, mass produced, revolting “commemorative plates” that are often advertised in TV magazines and Sunday papers.

One of the people responsible for passing this bit of merchandise is Richard Hollis, the head of UK licensing at BBC Worldwide.

”David Tennant’s performance as the Doctor has been applauded and celebrated across the country and these medals are a fantastic way for fans to collect a lasting memento.”

As are the books, DVDs, duvets covers, cakes, toys, card games, audiobooks… sadly, this bit of merchandise is a step too far for Kasterborous Towers. The Cynical Merchandise Alarm has already awoken the occupants of the castle next door…