There’s a great interview with Russell T Davies on the WalesOnline website, where the big man has a warning for all Doctor Who fans who can’t keep their curiousity in check.

It’s a simple message, one that we wholeheartedly agree with:

“If you want to go online and look for all the spoilers then go ahead, but I know for a fact you are depriving yourself of enjoyment, which I think says a lot about the online experience. It ruins it when you know too much.”

Russell is of course set to move on from his Doctor Who Executive Producer/head writer role following The End of Time, Part Two on New Year’s Day (although of course he’s been working on other projects for months) but I would wager his patriarchal position within Doctor Who will continue for many, many years.

He’s certainly excited about what’s to come at Christmas and New Year – hardly surprising given that it is quite literally The End of an Era.

“I feel like I’m on top of a secret and I want everyone else to join in. I want the kids to see it, I want the fans to see it and I want the families to sit down and see it.”

“We do like keeping secrets. You should always watch it without knowing what’s going to happen and watch it unfold, brand new in front of you,” he says.

“My favourite moment on the job is when a new script arrives and I get to read it, turning the pages and experiencing it for the first time ever. And it should be like that for the audience.”

How long is it ’til Christmas…?