An interview by Kat Angus with Doctor Who Executive Producer Russell T Davies is the highlight of a lot of chats, video clips and articles this weekend about the success of the series since its  return in 2005.

Published here on LiveJournal, the interview is a great chat that covers far more than I can tell you here. This is a snippet, on RTD being accused of bringing back “dead” characters:

“They were bringing back monsters long before I came along. I, at least, explain things; they used to bring monsters back with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. They’d get burned to death or dropped off of cliffs and they’d turn up two days later and say, “Here I am, Doctor!” You get a proper explanation this time.”

Meanwhile there’s a video interview with Russell at the Independent, apprently recorded at the recent preview screening of The End of Time.

Finally, RTD contributed an article to The Telegraph this weekend, recalling the highs and lows of the last 5 years of Doctor Who, recalling his fear that the show would fail and never be seen again…

I think fear helped me. I was so convinced we’d never reach a second series that I poured my heart and soul into the first 13 episodes, in case they were the only ones ever to exist. The one-off 1996 television movie with Paul McGann had single-handedly fuelled a fan-industry of novels and comics for a decade, so I had to pack enough into my 13 stories to keep the fans busy until… well, forever.

Thank goodness that he did – thereby giving us some of the richest and most rewarding Doctor Who ever!