David Tennant’s new TV role – as the title role in the NBC pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer – looks set to make a big splash with fans of comedy and genre TV alike.

Digital Spy have reported that a key member of the cast from the regularly misfiring Heroes (how could they have let it all go so wrong?) is set to have a regular part in the comedy series in which Tennant stars as Rex Alexander, a lawyer with stage fright.

Sendhil RamamurthyHeroes‘ Mohinder Suresh – will it seems play an ambitious lawyer who falls in love with Rex’s fiancée, played by Abigail Spencer.

Meanwhile Jane Curtin (Kate & Allie, Coneheads, Third Rock from the Sun) will be playing the role of Rex’s mother, who will it seems develop a relationship with his psychotherapist.

Update Tuesday, 8th December

It has since been announced that Sendhil Ramamurthy has dropped out of Rex Is Not Your Lawyer due to scheduling conflicts. He has been replaced with Jerry O’Connell.