Big Finish have a few new “non Doctor Who” products available – and alongside the obvious interest of Rob Shearman’s book (Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical) there’s a very interesting release from the hand of late Dalek creator Terry Nation…

Rebecca’s World is an audiobook to be released in February – a popular children’s book by Terry Nation, it has sadly been out of print for several years, but thanks to atmospheric effects, a full musical score and narration by Paul Darrow (Blake’s 7, Timelash) new and old fans can enjoy Rebecca’s magical world.

“It was the eleventh day of the school holidays and Rebecca was bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.”

But events take a dramatic turn for the better (or worse) when she finds herself transported to a distant planet, whose people are terrorized by jelly-like monsters called Ghosts. Rebecca resolves to sort out their problems.

With the help of Grisby, a sore-footed misery-boots, Kovak, an out-of-work spy, and Captain ‘K’, a rather puny superhero, she sets out for the Forbidden Lands in search of a solution. There’s only one problem… the evil Mister Gliste

It’s crying out for a reprint, really, which explains why Amazon have it listed for very high prices from independent sellers. As such Big Finish’ audiobook version is a snip at £10.99!