David Tennant was recently interviewed in the USA for the Television Critics Association, with questions posed to the Doctor Who star on The Waters of Mars and The End of Time.

Published on CraveOnline.com, Tennant is as ever giving nothing away, but when asked about the companions in the specials, we do find out the following:

What you get is these wonderful scenes of these two old men. The Doctor is a lot older than Wilf, and yet the two of them get to sit down and discuss life in a way that we’ve never seen the Doctor be able to do before. So it’s just a way of reinventing the wheel, I suppose, with this character who has been around since 1963, and yet we are still managing to find a new aspect of him, I think.

Which sounds great, although a little low-key. Certainly despite the appearance of the Master and the Ood in the various trailers we’ve been lead to believe that this two part close to the Tenth Doctor’s time will be something huge – and this closing comment seems to confirm that.

Then that final story, it becomes epic, almost like a fairytale. You have that kind of scale to it.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic!?