Alexandra Moen is Mrs Lucy Saxon in The End of TimeGorgeous Alexandra Moen played Lucy Saxon in the 2007 episodes The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords – she was quite literally the Master’s wife and she returns at Christmas in The End of Time.

She’s recently chatted to Digital Spy who have published an interview with the actress about her return to the show. She’s not giving too much away, although it seems life has been harsh on Mrs Saxon since she murdered her husband.

“She’s been incarcerated since, as a punishment for the shooting, so she has a lot of time to reflect on how bad it all got. She’s a little bit of a reformed character.”

Digital Spy asked all of the important questions, you know stuff liek “John Simm’s changed his hair. Do you prefer him as a blond?”

However they got their act together by asking about the Master’s ring, and the mysterious lady’s hand that picked it up at the end of Last of the Time Lords.

The last we saw, The Master’s ring was being collected from his ashes. Can we assume you were picking up his ring?
“It wasn’t me! You’re going to have to keep watching to find out who it was!”

Oh. So it wasn’t her.

That’s a fiver I owe…