Time Leech Diary #2

Our coverage of the development of the Time Leech Doctor Who comic strip for Kasterborous continues as we switch to the diary proper…

April 11th 2009

Following John Freeman’s suggestion, Brian and I decided that a competition to find a new up and coming comic book artist for Kasterborous’ own 100% unofficial and free Doctor Who strip was the way forward.

The article – published March 31st on Kasterborous – reads:

If you’re an unpublished comic book artist with an interest in completing a 10 page Doctor Who comic strip, Kasterborous would love to hear from you…

We have a special project ready to go, all scripted and overseen by former Doctor Who Magazine editor John Freeman, the man behind DownTheTubes.net!

John has very kindly offered to mentor this project – entitled Time Leech – and will provide useful guidance to the artist and the scriptwriter (that’s me, folks) with the aim of producing a final 10 page (maximum) adventure for the Tenth Doctor.

Once complete, the strip will be showcased here on Kasterborous.com as well as receiving a printed incarnation in the upcoming fanzine from former Black Scrolls writer Gareth Kavanagh (aka Professor Peach).

Email us now at [email protected] with a sample of work or to view a preview of the script!


We’re taking enquiries upto and including Easter Monday, April 13th. After this point, once samples have been received the decision will be made!

The update message was added earlier today – we’ve been getting a view people trying to get paid for the project, which seems strange. I won’t even go into the number of enquiries from people who evidently cannot draw…

April 14th 2009

We have a secret board on the Kasterborous forum set aside for discussion of various ideas and general day to day running of the site.

I’ve just introduced a new sub board and invited John Freeman, Gareth Kavanagh (former Black Scrolls stalwart and head honcho on the Vworp Vworp fanzine) to join in the judging of the entrants.

Although entry is closed, we’re still getting samples and enquiry emails, so it’s obvious that this is something that we should try again in future – I think we’re all very pleased about this!

Without pre-empting any decisions, my GCSE Art A grade eye tells me that Justin Abbot, Rick Lundeen and Martin MacIntosh are all very good, and I imagine we’ll be picking one of these as the winner…

Anthony Dry is also joining us in the appraisal of each of the 5 entrants who I considered good enough to be judged, giving us a five man panel. Plenty of scope for a good decision to be made here I think.

April 15th 2009

Justin Abbot's Time Leech sample

The conversation on the forum has continued – two artists are edging in front of the third, with one described as having an “urban funkiness” but it really is a tough one to call.

I’ve got my own particular favourite based on one of the samples alone – one of the images could have been drawn specifically for Time Leech! It is pretty exciting to think the artist we choose could be such a perfect fit for this story.

April 20th 2009

Well the decision has been made. Three great artists, but only one was deemed suitable in the end based mainly on his style and its suitability for the Time Leech story.

Who was the artist? A total newcomer called Justin Abbot; from the moment I saw his samples I knew he was perfect for Time Leech.

Personally I’m made up that John and Gareth agreed – at the very least we would probably still be fighting it out – as I’ve spent a while on the script. It’s around six months since Brian and I first conceived Time Leech as an arc comprising six self contained stories and to get this far is great. Largely this is down to John Freeman’s encouragement; being able to choose with Justin an artist that seems so in tune with the tone of the story is marvellous though. I think everyone involved would agree.



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