David Tennant - it's the Tenth Doctor's last stand in The End of Time on BBC America on December 26th 2009 and January 2nd 2010...

It’s out – the date and time for David Tennant’s final Doctor Who special U.S. premiere, only on BBC America!

BBC Americatoday announced the U.S. premiere of David Tennant’s final special as the Tenth Doctor. The End of Time, Part Two, premieres January 2, one week after Part One, on BBC America.

Both episodes are broadcast a day after their UK airings – a great tactic employed by the BBC and BBC America to minimise illegal downloading.

Full Doctor Who specials schedule on BBC America this Christmas:

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars airs Saturday, December 19, 9:00pm ET/PT

Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One airs Saturday, December 26, 9:00pm ET/PT

Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part Two airs Saturday, January 2, 9:00pm ET/PT

The finale to the era of David Tennant is one of the most eagerly anticipated adventures in the history of Doctor Who. Guest stars include John Simm (Life on Mars) as the Master, Timothy Dalton, Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins.