10.4m Watch Regeneration

Overnight figures for The End of Time, Part Two have revealed an audience of 10.6 million viewers tuned in to see David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor breathe his last as Doctor Who took the lions share of the ratings between 6.40 and 7.55pm on New Year’s Day.

Reaction to The End of Time, Part Two has been mixed – critics across “medialand” have been positive while many posts in response to these articles have challenged the view of the writers that the story and its conclusion was some sort of classic citing examples of illogical and cheesy storytelling, a regeneration cause that is almost a carbon copy of the previous one and dismay at the recreation and subsequent destruction of the Time Lords.

These views are of course entirely subjective and can be found via some of the following links which all feature reviews and reaction to The End of Time, Part Two.

Stills of the regeneration can be seen in the Daily Mail (surprisingly without any opinion) while a review in the Times awarded 4 stars out of 5 – is remarkably garbled and written as a commentary (shame on you, Caitlin Moran). Similarly SFX.co.uk issued a “chickening out” review by Dave Golder awarding 5 stars out of 5 and the declaration “I loved it. Unreservedly” with a promise of a full review some time today.

In the Guardian meanwhile, eminent TV critic Mark Lawson has been rigorously taken to task by his readers. The majority of posts in response to his review seem to be bewildered as to whether they watched the same show!

Davies’s final script was typical of the depth and intelligence he has brought to the new incarnation of the show: the plot seemed deliberately to be modelled on Hamlet, which Tennant has played triumphantly on stage and TV during his final year as the Doctor.

…was one of several statements that drew fire, but the following can only indicative of the fact that aforementioned critic Mark Lawson hasn’t got a clue what he is writing about:

Whereas his nine predecessors had largely played the role for comedy or camp, Tennant has brought a proper tragic force to the part

Lest we forget, Lawson was featured heavily in Doctor Who Magazine recently in an article that explored whether Doctor Who was great TV or not – this statement however appears to disregard the first 26 years of Doctor Who on TV as a cross between Carry On and Are You Being Served? Lawson has also famously conducted an in-depth interview with Russell T Davies a couple of years ago…

A far more balanced review can be found on Den of Geek – here the reviewer has apparently taken some notes and observed that while not perfect The End of Time, Part Two has an awful lot going for it.

The End Of Time Part Two was a jam-packed testament to everything Davies has done with Doctor Who, warts and all. It was big blockbuster entertainment with a hell of an emotional wallop, and some inspired plotting that dug deeply into the stories of the past four years. The Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who is absolutely an exciting one, but the bar has been left high here, and Russell T Davies is damn sure going to be missed.

Our own review of The End Of Time Part Two will feature later – meanwhile rewatch the regeneration of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor into Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor on the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site!


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