David and Goliath

Writer and broadcaster Victoria Coren has stuck her head above the David Tennant pulpit and written a few positive words to all of those bonkers bandwagon jumpers who felt that 75 appearances on the BBC alone over the Christmas period was excessive for the Doctor Who star.

As the BBC rightly pointed out, few people will have been aware of the full list of appearances given that the BBC has 6 TV channels and 7 radio stations. Still, kept the wolves from the door of a bigoted Daily Mail hack, and it was Christmas after all.

Anyway the lovely Ms Coren – who you should never attempt to play cards with – delivered a list of potential Christmas 2010 David Tennant-starring shows as alternatives. After all, we’re not likely to see him regularly on British TV for a long time, if at all. It’s a good list, too, featuring gems such as:

Britain’s Got Tennant

A new reality show in which David Tennant competes against himself to sing, dance, juggle and skate, eating wombat penis throughout, before sprinting behind a table to shout: “Tenn out of tenn!” and declare himself the winner.

Doctor Foster

David Tennant goes to Gloucester.

Great stuff. Can’t wait for Britain’s Got Tennant!



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