The Eleventh Doctor (like his previous self) was disappointed to learn that he doesn’t have ginger hair in the closing moments of The End of Time, Part Two on New Year’s Day – prompting some utter idiots to complain that Doctor Who is “gingerist”.

Don’t laugh – this is deadly serious (or as serious as something published in The Sun can be). Apparently Matt Smith’s opening dialogue as the Eleventh Doctor wasn’t causing anyone any harm at all until the line “still not ginger” – a hark back to the Tenth Doctor’s early “Am I ginger?” question in the regeneration aftermath witnessed in Children in Need’s “Pudsey Cutaway” in 2005.

The Tenth Doctor was disappointed to learn that he was dark haired, just as the Eleventh Doctor was in his opening moments of life.

According to the cheap red top jazz mag (which we don’t link to for moral reasons):

One furious mum who complained to the BBC said: “I think it is totally inappropriate for the Doctor to make fun of people with ginger hair – it is a programme children watch and I think it will encourage bullying.”

It isn’t known yet whether or not this woman has since been sectioned. However if she has children it is more likely that they will be bullied due to having a stupid mother.

Clearly, the Doctor wasn’t making fun of anyone with ginger hair, any more than he was mocking paraplegics when he checked his legs were there.


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